I write stuff. It's kind of my 'thing'.

Words are powerful.

You know it. I know it.

Have you ever received a love letter?

I’ve received 3 in my lifetime, and there’s nothing quite like it.

Just a scribbled collection of words and letters, sure, but when they’re put together in the right way, it’s a poem to your very existence. Something that speaks right to your soul. The feeling of belonging, and being seen. A silent song to the wonderfulness that is ‘you’.

OK, so obviously, I don’t make a living from giving or receiving love letters. 

I create and strategise content for brands, their websites, and social media. 

But love letters are an important reminder of the power and importance of words. And how wonderful, moving, influential, or memorable words can be when they’re strung together in just the right way and delivered to just the right person.

My work as a copywriter and content marketing specialist is all about finding the right words, or content, so they can unlock the potential of your brand, your product, or your service.

And perhaps, most importantly, so that you can connect with the right people at the right time. 

I create content with real people in mind, and create strategies to connect with them, engage with them, and inspire them.

Some of the services I offer

Website copywriting: Landing pages & product pages

Lots of things fall under this category! For example, you may need help writing product pages and new landing pages, or even editing existing work, or rewriting your old out-dated content or blog posts. Your website copy is so important for brand perception, so make it count.

Content management: Content creation and editing

Lots of brands require help growing their blog, newsletters and online editorial work. I can help with this! I have worked with in-house brands, and digital agencies, in creating a strong editorial strategy, and then implementing this with well researched, high quality content.

Online content strategy: Creating a content plan for your brand

A big part of my role as a freelance content and social media specialist - is creating and implementing content strategy. My content strategies are always tailored to your business goal, whether that is social media, brand awareness, product sales, SEO rankings, or 'going viral'.

Social Media Management: Strategy and implementation

I have 14 years experience managing social media for brands, and I work in many different niches and industries. I tend to work end-to-end with clients, from strategy creation and audience research, to content production, photography, video editing, and posting/uploading.

Brands I have worked with

Copy and Social client list

Client testimonials (why people enjoy working with me)

We worked with Elle on a multi-faceted content project, relying on her sharp intuition and useful, easy-to-read prose to create case studies for SparkToro’s website based on short surveys from our customers. Not only did she deliver excellent work, she did it with clear, consistent communication and an unflaggingly motivated approach. Elle is an absolute joy to work with—if you have the chance to do a project with her, take it!
Elle-Rose was an essential member of our remote team. She owned our company social media and was able to literally take over that side of our business during our most important global events. Even the first time we used Elle-Rose she took the time to understand our brand, our style and was able to run with it. Since then we have worked with her for all our London shows, and even had her join us at events in Chicago and New York.
Elle was critical in growing and nurturing our social media presence and brand awareness online. As a small start-up, consistent growth is crucial; Elle’s incredible work and creativity have been hugely important in this journey and have helped take us from 500 followers on Instagram to 20k followers in just over 6 months. The entire team at Glorify are very grateful for all of her fantastic effort and the positive energy Elle has brought to the team. We would recommend her expertise and services without hesitation.
Elle has successfully been able to transform the aesthetics of our social media and online business, using imagery and beautiful words to grow our following. Her skills on social media have grown our following, increased online sales and we would highly recommend her skills and services to anyone. Our business is very visual, and needs beautiful descriptive copy, and it's very important for us to reach viewers effectively, which then transforms some of those viewers into clients.
Elle helped me get perspective on some challenging writing projects, and company strategy. As a particular example, with some of the native content on my website I had struggled with initially, Elle helped craft it into something that I’m now very proud of. Working with Elle is great, she’s organised and efficient, and we easily found a nice flow for working together.
Elle has consistently helped us with copywriting and content marketing projects throughout our agency's growth. Her work is timely, accurate and she always delivers exactly what we need. She has a great eye for strategy, knowledge of wider marketing, and writing for SEO, which has shown fantastic results for many clients. She's also really great to work with, always friendly and positive. I'd really recommend working with her!

Here are some example projects from my recent work

Large scale product page rewrite

Rewrite of all product page descriptions on Daler-Rowney (leading UK art supplier). 200+ pages rewritten and re-imagined for SEO purposes.

Large scale landing page creation

200+ new location landing pages created and written for the the Rover.com UK launch, with a focus on location-specific keywords.

Case-study creation for marketing use

16 in-depth client case-studies and reviews, for software company SparkToro. Using existing testimonials, fleshed out with in-depth strategy and advice.

Social media content creation

Monthly social media content creation. Each month using current products to create fresh, fun and engaging imagery and video content.

A little bit about me

Look, I could have uploaded a ‘corporate-style’ photo of me here. With sleek hair, next to a split screen set-up, in a modern hot-desking office.

But honestly, that doesn’t really feel like ‘me’. 

Truthfully? I don’t even work at a desk most of the time. I work in a reclining arm-chair in my bay window (like the kind Martin has in Frasier). I like it there because I can see the world going by, and my dog likes to hang out there too. And obviously, I like having him by my feet, keeping me warm. 

I love content, I love strategy, and I love being able to innovate with brands I love. 

Alongside being a freelance copywriter and social media content creator, I also own an online travel website, called theworldandthensome.com. This little blog has been running for over 10 years now, and received 3 million visitors last year (so I guess it isn’t so little anymore?). 

So, if you need any travel tips, you can email me for those too!

Copy and social freelance copywriter in London

Get in touch

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Or, you can drop me an email the old fashioned way: ellerosewilliams@gmail.com

A few commonly asked questions...

What are your rates?

My rates are dependent on a variety of factors. This includes the type of project, the time it will take to complete, the scope of research involved, and so on. 

The best way to get an idea of cost for your particular project is to drop me an email. My rates are very competitive for freelance copywriters in London. 

Where are you based? 

I am a freelance copywriter based in a small town called Leamington Spa, about an hour away from London. It’s a lovely place to live, and means I can easily commute into the city when needed. 

A lot of the brands I work with are based in London, so if you’re looking for a freelance copywriter in London, I’m a great match. 

Do you have availability at the moment?

My availability for work changes month on month (it’s one of the fun things about being a freelance copywriter). My work changes, and schedules change too. 

Please get in touch to hear my current availability, I’m excited to hear from you, and hopefully work together. 

How many years of experience do you have in copywriting?

I have 14 years of experience in this industry. I started my career at 20 as a Social Media and Content Manager in a small London agency. I have since worked in many other agencies and in-house, too, before settling into freelance life as a freelance copywriter in London and surrounding areas. 

How many years have you been freelance?

I made the permanent move into freelance work in 2017. But even before that, I often took on freelance writing projects in my spare time. 

For example, around the time of my wedding, I had a regular wedding column in one of the UK’s best bridal magazines. 

Are you writing a book?

Yes I am! A lot of freelance copywriters hope to one day publish a book – and I’m certainly one of them. 

I love telling stories, and I hope one day to publish one of my own. I’m currently writing a fiction book. As any author will tell you, it’s a hugely frustrating and tedious process (so let’s not talk too much about it!). 

So, if you need a freelance content manager, editorial manager or senior copywriter in London, or surrounding areas, feel free to get in touch!

I would love to hear from you, and answer any questions you might have.

Copy and Social freelance copywriting in London