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Are you looking for a freelance copywriter?

As a freelance copywriter, I love the variety of my job and working on lots of varied projects and briefs. Every day I could be writing something different and learning something new. One day I might be writing about the best places to walk your dog in London, and the next day writing about the side-effects of taking B12 tablets. This is a very real example, can you tell?

I love being a freelance copywriter, and I bring passion, integrity and enthusiasm to every project.

As a freelance copywriter, what I write about, and the content I create varies from project to project – it may entail writing new product pages and descriptions, or perhaps writing SEO specific pages tailored to keywords or phrases. The brief is all yours to create, but the freelance copywriting I offer comes with a quick turnaround and an accurate and dedicated service. I take pride in what I create, and every brief I take on is treated with care and attention to detail.

I have over 10 years of experience writing a variety of content for different brands, niches and industries, alongside writing for different placements and purposes too. From 50-word product descriptions to 5000-word travel guides… I’ve done it all.

As a freelance copywriter with over 10 years of experience, I’ve worked with large and small brands, across a variety of industries – so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project.

My aim with every freelance copywriting project I take on is to provide high-quality work, with a timely turn-around, and concise and clear communication. Whether you already have the brief set out, or if you’re looking for input and feedback – let’s get talking.

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What can I help you with as a freelance copywriter? 

Whatever needs writing – I’m your girl.

I’ve spent my career as a freelance copywriter building up experience in many different niches and industries and consider myself an expert in ‘tone of voice’ and adapting to a brand’s personality and goals. I love the challenge, and I love exploring and researching new topics.

Industries I regularly work with are; travel, beauty, lifestyle, alternative health and teaching. But I’ve worked with brands that sell everything from health supplements to adventure tents.

Alongside building your content and writing your website copy, I can help advise and consult on which keywords you should be targeting and what your business should be saying online, in order to receive the maximum traction and traffic. I’m not just a freelance copywriter – I’m a marketing professional too.

Keyword research is actually a big part of what I offer as a freelance copywriter – and it is what makes my work stand apart from the rest. I can help you identify where the potential lies, and what your audience is actually searching for on Google.

Hiring a freelance copywriter is beneficial in many ways – but here are a few:

  • Whether you’re a small or large business, I can give you a clear and compelling voice, helping you connect better with your customers
  • I can write interesting and engaging product and page copy – meaning visits turn into conversions
  • I can define your content strategies and put them into action
  • I can manage your company blog, which is great for increasing traffic and Google rankings
  • I can create copy and content for your social media channels too (find out more about that, by clicking here)

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Why should you choose me as your freelance copywriter?

Freelance copywriting isn’t just about filling in your web pages up with fluff, and writing a load of words to fill a word count you decided you needed to reach.

As your freelance copywriter, I’ll help your brand find purpose. It’s about selling a product, building trust in a brand, and getting the brand seen and heard in the right way. These are all things I can help you with, so if you need a reliable and experienced freelance copywriter in London, drop me an email.

What are my freelance copywriter rates? 

This varies from project to project. The best thing to do is drop me an email, and include as many details as possible about what you’re after. That way I can send you a quote and we can start the discussion.

How quickly do you work? 

I aim to balance my work between ensuring it’s high quality, but also making sure you’re not waiting months for content to be turned around. If you have specific time deadlines that may be more urgent than usual, it’s always best to bring this up at the start, because it allows me to prioritise the work and get it completed promptly for you.

Turn-around time is always something I will discuss with you, so you’ll have an expectation of time and how long a project may take. We’ll decide on this together and it’ll be agreed upon before any works begins.

client testimonial copy and socialRand Fishkin, Co-founder & CEO at SparkToro 
“We worked with Elle-Rose on a multi-faceted content project, relying on her sharp intuition and useful, easy-to-read prose to create case studies for SparkToro’s website based on short surveys from our customers.
Not only did she deliver excellent work, she did it with clear, consistent communication and an unflaggingly motivated approach.
Elle is an absolute joy to work with—if you have the chance to do a project with her, take it!”

client recommendationsMark Johnstone, Founder at Content Hubble

“Ellie helped me get perspective on some challenging writing projects. As a particular example, some of the native content on my website I had struggled with initially, Ellie helped craft it into something that I’m now very proud of.

Ellie also helped me edit my articles, get perspective on pieces, and keep communications focussed, and maintain my tone of voice throughout. Working with Ellie is great, she’s organised and efficient, and we easily found a nice flow for working together.”

Do you write for any publications?

Now you’ve heard all I’ve got to say about being a freelance copywriter… You might be curious about my other writing projects.

Well, as you might expect, I’m actually an award-winning blogger and writer for multiple websites.

The World and Then Some (copywriter and editor)

Ayurveda for Beginners (copywriter and editor)

Pooching Around (copywriter and editor)

The Huffington Post

The Guardian

Orbitz Travel blog

Good To Go Parking

Hopefully, you’d like to get in touch and discuss your project, and I’m excited to hear from you. Simply click the button below, or email:

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